Wiltshire's hard water

Wiltshire is a great county to live in...except for the water. The problems our hard water causes include:

  • Shower heads, kettles and irons filling with grit
  • Soap and shampoo that don't lather properly, and leave scum behind
  • Skin and hair that feels dry and lifeless
  • Towels and clothes that feel rougher to the touch
  • Pipes furring up more quickly
  • Central heating running less efficiently, increasing our heating bills
  • Expensive boilers, washing machines and dishwaters that need replacing sooner

Hard to live with, easy to fix

What many people don't realise is just how easily a modern water softener solves these problems. It takes less than a day to fit a water softener, and the effects are almost immediate. Within hours, cold water will start feeling softer and silkier. After a few days, you'll feel the same effects with hot water. You'll have to adjust to using less shampoo and soap, and doing without grit in your kettle!

Local problem, local solution

Living in the heart of Wiltshire, I've got first-hand experience of our hard water. After 20 years of fitting wet rooms and bathrooms, I've seen the problems it brings to my customers.

If you're interested in putting an end to hard water, contact me today for a chat, or to arrange a no-obligation demonstration.

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Dualflo to the rescue

dualflo water softener

In our experience, the Harveys' Dualflo water softener is the best available for domestic installations, combining simple operation, excellent reliability and low running costs.

  • Simple but ingenious design means increased reliability
  • Advanced control system to lower running costs
  • Uses no electricity - block salt is the only consumable
  • Easy replacement of salt - takes seconds only
  • Weather-proof cabinet for outside fitment if necessary
  • May pay for itself in just four years (Harveys' estimate)

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